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 17 of february 2024 As sad as it was today, we had to return to Gilching, we said goodbye to the owner of the hotel who is a wonderful man, also to the trusted restaurant where we always went to have dinner and to the cat we called Michi, we met him on Thursday and all the We have seen him for days, he is super friendly and allows himself to be petted perfectly. We picked up the last thing we had left and headed home, after a long two and a half hours of being all packed in the car we arrived, took everything out and were relaxed. At dinner time Tereza, her mother, her father and I went to dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant, I ordered fried rice with fried chicken, it was very very good, it's called Restaurant Hang Zhou. At the end of dinner we returned home and while we were chatting Tereza and I, the brother came with his usual friend who was staying the night. And that was all day.

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